Maximize Revenue and
Delight Your Guests
With Our Digital Operations Platform
For Restaurants

Spork helps restaurants to increase revenue, cut down on operational expenses, and maximize menu flexibility while improving guests` satisfaction with our easy-to-manage interactive digital tools and solutions

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Why Spork Restaurant Operations Platform?

Increase Restaurant’s Revenue

  • Leverage additional sales channels
  • Broaden your customer reach
  • Boost loyalty and increase repeat visits
  • Increase average ticket size
  • Get faster table turnaround

Cut Down on Operational Expenses

  • Fixed, predictable cost of platform add-ons and integrations
  • Lower onboarding and training costs for your employees
  • Streamline and optimize menus for dine-in, takeout and delivery
  • Increase front- and back-of-the-house staff productivity
  • Eliminate menu printing costs

Streamline Your Technology

  • Consolidate all front-of-the-house technology
  • Eliminate menu printing costs
  • Stop using multiple computers and tablets
  • Integrate with 3rd party partners and POS systems
  • Control your order flow via one convenient dashboard

Delight Your Guests

  • Customize menus for each takeout/delivery service partner
  • Take orders directly from your guest’s mobile devices
  • Adjust any item’s availability in real time to avoid confusion
  • Display your menus in the language of your guests
  • Allow guests to search or filter for items they are interested in

Product Features

Real Time Menu Updates

Manage and update your menus in real time based on demand and items availability

Upsell / Cross-sell Suggestions

Increase your average ticket size with extras and pairing suggestions for your guests

Multi-language Menus

Translate and display the menus to your guests in any number of supported languages

Zone-based Menu Display

Display specific menus based on the zone of the restaurant your guests are seated in

Custom Restaurant Branding

Create a beautiful splash screen to introduce your restaurant using images, videos, and personalized content

Guest Dine-in Orders

Take dine-in orders directly from your guests’ personal mobile devices

Point of Sale Integration

Connect our platform with your restaurant’s existing Point of Sale software

Private Events Management

Manage private events by creating and displaying personalized menus to your guests

Takeout & Delivery Orders

Integrate with any number of supported 3rd party delivery services (menus and order flow)